The man behind the name...

Srivinay Salian is a multidisciplinary writer & filmmaker, with a flair for conceptual and layered storytelling. He has garnered over 10 years of experience writing for ad films, tv shows, documentaries, short films, corporate films, and feature films.

From writing, he made a natural progression towards filmmaking and has since then produced short films, documentaries, and even an international feature film. His short film titled - "Stripped" has been a viral hit and covered by media both online and print. His second short film, was another unconventional experimental film titled - "Main Hindustan Hoon - I am India", exploring a spoken poetry genre.

With a background in Marketing and Technology and his exposure to various domains and industries has led him to serve as a Brand Strategist creating Branded Content for his clients. He's currently a "Creative Director", leading a team of skilled professionals to develop all sorts of media and digital content.

What are we if not Stories?

Churning Stories that communicate, engage, inspire and sell. Stories that are the core of every human interaction.


What the Clients say about him...

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Michael Keller LA, USA

Srivinay is an amazing organizer, problem solver, diplomat, and bulldog on set. He knew when to use a gentle touch and when to twist some arms. His tenacity and resourcefulness got us out of so many binds.

Virendra Rathore Mumbai, India

Shri is a rare combination. He is a strategist who can roll up his sleeve and do the task himself if need be. A thorough professional, whose creativity reflects in the simplest of tasks he undertakes.

Prashen Kyawal Nagpur, India

A great storyteller, superb scriptwriter, excellent digital and social media expert.

Book: The Shoelace - by Srivinay Salian

The Shoelace is a dramatic story, exploring themes of family values, inter-generational conflict and wasted potential.



What he is best known for...


From ideation to final draft, adhering to professional standards of screenplay writing to deliver a strong, engaging content.


Professional, pragmatic and objective review of the screenplay with practical tips for revisions. Follow-up discussion session coupled with the Script coverage service.


Creative Consultancy as well as Film Direction for any projects assuming complete control of project execution and assured project completion.


For screenwriting, script consultation or workshop, send him a message.


Mumbai, India